Despite COVID-19 Struggles, Trust in Food Industry Remains

Research indicates that the public still trusts the food industry.
Research indicates that the public still trusts the food industry.

April 3, 2020 — IGD, a UK research and training charity, released new figures that show just how much UK shoppers place trust in the food industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. The past month has really put the relationship between consumers and the food industry under the microscope, especially as the demands on food retailers rise during these challenging times.

There has been a slight change in shopper behavior, as customers adjust their shopping habits based on social distancing restrictions and fears of contracting COVID-19. Despite this, data shows that the general public still places significant trust in the food industry.

Trust in the industry to provide safe products is up 2% since February. Also, trust to provide quality products is up 6% compared to February. Lastly, three out of four shoppers trust the food service and retail industry to ensure good availability of products. This is good news, as availability is one area that the food industry is struggling to maintain as restaurants are closing down and grocery store shelves are emptying at rapid rates.

The data provided by IGD points to how valued the food industry is to the population, despite the drastic changes and immense struggles the industry has had to face.