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COVIDSafe™ Prevention & Control Program

The COVIDSafe Program has been designed to help food businesses navigate the COVID-19 crisis. The program incorporates online lessons, downloadable guides, fact sheets, posters, checklists and other tools to help food organizations protect their customers, their staff and their business.

The program is regularly updated as new coronavirus information comes to light, and regular COVID-19 updates are also sent via email, making it an essential resource for all food workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Protect your Customers

Use the COVIDSafe™ Program resources to reassure your customers by actively demonstrating the steps you're taking to protect their health and safety.

Protect your Staff

Your team is the first line of defence during the COVID-19 crisis. Follow the online training in the COVIDSafe™ Program to teach them how to prevent the spread of coronavirus at your workplace.

Protect your Business

Steer your business through the coronavirus pandemic by taking practical actions now and staying abreast of all the latest food industry developments through the COVIDSafe™ Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the COVIDSafe Program?

The COVIDSafe Program is designed to help food businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It contains online lessons, guides, fact sheets, posters, checklists and other tools to help navigate the crisis.

Who should sign up to the program?

The program contains practical actions and information that's relevant to people who work with food at all levels. The program is suitable for food business owners, managers and food workers.

How often is the COVIDSafe Program updated?

Our team of experts collate information about how COVID-19 is impacting the food service industry daily and use this to update our resources and send out regular updates.

How long do I get access for?

After signing up to the program, you get access to all the program materials and resources for 3 months. During this time you'll receive coronavirus news and pandemic updates.

How can I access the materials?

You can access the materials on your computer, tablet or mobile device. All you need to sign up is an email address and a good internet connection.

What if I need technical support?

Our support team work 16 hours a day to provide the support you need. Simply go to the Contact Us page and complete the form to receive assistance.