UK Food and Drink Businesses Need Support During Shutdown

Closing temporarily, even for a short time, can be extremely costly for smaller businesses.
Closing temporarily, even for a short time, can be extremely costly for smaller businesses.

March 30, 2020 — The food and drink industry in the UK is already displaying the detrimental effects of food businesses shutting down temporarily. Larger food chains and franchises are feeling losses, but have enough capital and support to close their doors to protect their customers and staff. However, independently run businesses are proving to be some of the hardest hit; closing temporarily, even for a short time can be extremely costly and difficult to manage for smaller, local businesses.

Despite fears around contracting COVID-19, there are ways that the general public can safely support their local food businesses and the food industry as a whole. Some ways that the public can help support independent food and drink businesses include:

Use online options

Many food business have ways to order online from their websites. Customers can help support local businesses by continuing to order from their local favorites online. Customers can also purchase food vouchers online that can be used in the future when a food business has opened up again to the public.

Use take-out or delivery options

Many food businesses, especially smaller ones that are at risk of financial struggles, are taking every step to ensure that business can continue. This often means providing take-out or home delivery services so that customers can continue to order the food they love while staying in the safety of their home. Using these services is an essential way that the public can support independent and local food businesses.

Use the power of donation

Many local food businesses are making big changes to their business models that include supporting local charities and food banks. By supporting these local businesses, you also support vulnerable populations and other people in need. You can help your favorite businesses survive while also helping other members of the population.

Use social media

Even if you do not have the financial means to keep supporting your local independent food businesses, you can lift them up with the power of social media. Providing positive online reviews, sharing their social media posts with friends and family, and spreading the word about their daily specials or sales are all ways you can use power of social media to help.